IS Personnel Contact Information


Zach Bauman - Coordinator of Network Infrastructure  eMail Ext. 369


Caicey Crutcher - Chief Institutional Research Officer eMail Ext. 386


Ronnie Dean - Coordinator of Enterprise Applications eMail Ext. 246


Renee Demel- Coordinator of Microsoft Applications and Senior Microsoft Systems Engineer eMail Ext. 145


Orlando Hernandez - Coordinator of Enterprise Technology eMail Ext. 346


Pamela Henning - Microsoft Systems Engineer eMail Ext. 272


Angie Hicks - Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness/Linux Administrator eMail Ext. 477


Angie Jones - Microsoft Systems Engineer eMail Ext. 156


Michelle Kaiser - Assistant Dean of Information Services eMail Ext. 232


Ron Keil - Support Specialist eMail Ext. 232


Brenda Moreno   - IS Project Coordinator/Web Developer eMail Ext. 107


Kevin Murphy- Senior Systems Analyst eMail Ext. 345


Amy Oelke  - Coordinator of Enterprise Database Applications eMail Ext. 323


Charles Perkins  - Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Information Services eMail Ext. 245


Shelli Schmidt - Linux Administrator eMail Ext. 383


Rodney Stanfield - Information Services Technician eMail Ext. 725


Ray Willis - Institutional Researcher eMail Ext. 143


Jenna Wornkey - Institutional Researcher eMail Ext. 209


Open Positions

System Analyst

Enterprise Applications Technical Support Specialist



Off Campus Callers dial must first dial:

Extension 100-199  - 786-1(EXT)

Extension 200-399  - 792-9(EXT)

Extension 400-599  - 78-7(EXT)