2015-2016 Faculty Council (from left to right): Mike Cox, Mark Shipman, Christi Gale, Pete Solie, Vic Martin, Gene Compton. Not pictured: Gerry Butler, Gil Cloud, Carole Murphy and Amanda Alliband


2015-2016 Faculty Council Members



Great Bend Campus Representatives

 • Amanda Alliband, allibanda@bartonccc.edu


Fort Riley Campus Representatives


Troop Schools Representative


AY 2014 – 15 Goals and Projects


 • Academic Integrity

– Faculty Survey (On Going)

– Review/Edit/Rework Academic Integrity Policy

– Best Practices

 • Prior Learning Assessment Project (State-Wide)

 • Learning Management System

 • KBOR Common Core Competency Conference, September 12

 • AQIP/Open Pathways FAC Certification Meeting, November 3

 • Director of Institutional Effectiveness Search

 • VP Instruction Page

– Faculty Hand Book

– Forms, Links, Information

– Faculty Council Web Page

– Faculty Council Course Shell

 • AQIP to Open Pathways Transition


Visit the Faculty Council communication BARTonline course shell for specifics and the opportunity to participate or comment on the work.



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