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The purpose of the Barton Office Professionals of Barton Community College is to develop better campus-wide communication and cooperation; to promote professionalism; and assist with campus service projects. 


The membership of Barton Office Professionals shall consist of employees whose primary work assignments are non-instructional. All members in good standing shall have full voting rights.

Dues are $10 per year and are due on the last working day of September.

All members are entitled to be members of the Association of Kansas Community College Occupational Professionals. With such membership comes the opportunity to attend the State AKCCOP Conference, serve on boards and committees, and serve as officers. Members are also eligible to apply for AKCCOP scholarships.


Meetings shall be held at an appointed day and time as agreed and voted upon by the organization.

Recommended order for transaction of business for regular meetings shall be:

  • Call to order
  • Approval of the minutes
  • Communications
  • Report of the treasurer
  • Reports of committees
  • Unfinished business
  • New business
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment

Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be composed of four elected officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Reporter.

The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the organization between business meetings, shall give approval to the committee appointments made by the President, shall make recommendations to the organization, and shall serve as standing committee facilitators.

Election of Officers shall be held at the April meeting by members present with nominations from the floor  being accepted.  Installation of Officers shall be held at the May meeting.

Duties of Officers


  1. Preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board
  2. Call special meetings at her/his discretion
  3. Appoint the webeditor, committees, and committee members as deemed necessary
  4. Be a liaison between our organization and the Barton Family
  5. Attend the Presidents' Meeting at Annual Conference, if possible
  6. Serve as facilitator of Professionalism (Meetings & Officers)


  1. Take minutes at meetings and post them electronically
  2. Keep the by-laws and other reports of the association on our website updated and accurate
  3. Work with the Web-master to keep B-OP web pages updated
  4. Serve as facilitator of Service (Projects)


  1. Collect dues
  2. Keep an updated and accurate membership list posted electronically
  3. Submit receipts and requisitions for prompt payment of bills
  4. Keep an updated and accurate financial report posted electronically
  5. Serve as facilitator of Cooperation (Fund-raising)

The REPORTER shall

  1. Represent our organization and campus through articles in the AKCCOP Kansas Kollator
  2. Attend the Reporters' Meeting at Annual Conference, if possible
  3. Serve as facilitator of Communication (Membership)

Work Areas

Work areas ideally will have 3-5 members, including any area project coordinators and the designated Executive Committee facilitator. The President may make appointments to those areas which are not adequately filled by volunteers.

Communication Work Area  – Reporter is facilitator

Promotes Barton Office Professionals image both on campus and within our organization by:

  • Organizing the annual Membership Drive
  • Promoting our projects through regular campus-wide news releases
  • Extending Courtesies to Members through cards, gifts, and services, as needed

Cooperation Work Area – Treasurer is facilitator

Organizes fund-raising projects by:

  • Coordinating and staffing event or project

Professionalism Work Area  – President is facilitator

Assures that our gatherings throughout the year are well organized and productive by:

  • Arranging for Meeting Programs that challenge, teach, and/or entertain
  • Securing a Slate of Officers for seamless transition of leadership each new year

Service Work Area  – Secretary is facilitator

Demonstrates our commitment to Barton Students, Faculty and Staff through our Projects:

  • Annual Student Scholarship(s) with the Barton Foundation
  • “Dessert of the Month” item for the Barton Foundation auction
  • Easter Egg Hunt for the Child Development Center children
  • "PAWS to Refresh" campus-wide coffee break for faculty and staff


Amendments to the by-laws shall be submitted in writing to the President. The proposed amendment(s) shall be submitted to the entire membership prior to the meeting. A vote will be taken at the meeting after open discussion. An affirmative vote by two-thirds of all members present shall be required to adopt an amendment. The amendment(s) shall become effective immediately following its adoption.

Guidelines - Not Included in the Bylaws

The College pays for each office professionals' membership in the Association of Kansas Community College Occupational Professionals. This qualifies the office professional to participate, if designated, as one of B-OP's delegates to the AKCCOP state convention in March/April.

Membership in our organization is open to all Barton employees whose primary work assignments are non-instructional.  Supervisors are not excluded from membership. (Per meeting minutes November 2011)

The Barton Office Professionals By-laws shall be reviewed by all members in June.

Updated, ss: May 2012