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Projects and Scholarships

What Drives Us? 

Communication, Cooperation, Professionalism & Service!

The purpose of the Barton Office Professionals is to promote communication and cooperation, increase professionalism, and benefit Barton Community College with our service projects.

Barton Community College's staff of committed individuals make up the Barton Office Professionals group.  Activities during the year include:

  • Monthly Meetings
  • Bosses' Day Breakfast
  • Easter Egg Hunts for CDC Daycare and Barton CC students
  • Christmas Cookie and Ornament Exchange for B-OP members


Our gatherings provide an opportunity for interaction with fellow education support personnel from all College departments.  Because we are all busy people with limited time to offer B-OP, no one is expected to attend every meeting or participate in every project. Member involvement is based upon personal work schedules, interest and availability.

Projects during the 2015-16 year included:

  • $500 Scholarship to student -- 2015-16 winner: Allison Levingston
  • Veteran's Day Breakfast
  • Secret Santa exchange between B-OP members
  • Easter Egg Hunts for Childcare Development Center and Barton students
  • Gift orders of cake, giant cookie, and Cougar treat bag on Main Campus

Birthday Treat Orders

Place an order with B-OP!

Cakes and cookies baked fresh, so make your order at least 7 business days in advance!

Orders are processed year-round with the exception of when Main Campus Offices are closed. Closings include Winter Break, Dec. 19, 2016 - Jan. 1, 2017 and Spring Break, Mar. 20 - 24, 2017

We look forward to continuing our 40+ year tradition of promoting professionalism and cooperation across campus while benefiting Barton’s faculty, staff, and students of all ages through our service projects. If this sounds good to you, come take a look. You will be warmly welcomed!


Scholarship Criteria

  • All full-time students attending classes on the Barton County campus are eligible to apply.
  • Preference is given to students pursuing a 2-year degree, but those seeking a 4-year degree will also be considered.
  • B-OP scholarships are awarded for use only at Barton Community College.

Scholarship Application

Complete the Barton Foundation Scholarship Application to be considered for this B-OP sponsored award. Application for the award is the Barton Foundation Scholarship form.

Scholarship Recipients

2016-17  -  Kit Felke  -  $500
2015-16  -  Allison Levingston  -  $500
2014-15  -  Elizabeth Scheuerman  -  $500
2013-14  -  Bridgette Thomas  -  $500
2012-13  -  Amanda Hochman, Christopher Gates  -  $200 each
2011-12  -  Shannon Peterson, Mayra Sanchez  -  $250 each
2010-11  -  Stanelle Smith, Kellie Henderson  -  $250 each
2009-10  -  Sarah Jones, Stanelle Smith  -  $200
2008-09  -  Sarah Jones  -  $250
2007-08  -  Miken McBride, James Weatherman  -  $200 each
2006-07  -  Julietha Jones, Melissa Julian  -  $150
2005-06  -  Jeridy Dirks  -  $150
2004-05  -  Marne Bradford  -  $150
2003-04  -  Terri Chartier  -  $150
2002-03  -  Rachel Kelley  -  $150
2001-02  -  Lori Redetzke  -  $150
2000-01  -  Christina Grieve  -  $150