Bart gives thumbs up outside Kirkman

Best Practices

Computer/internet issues, contact Cougar Tech Support:

 Canvas tech support:

Claudia Mather

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Project Support/Management

Erin Eggers

  • Canvas Shell Requests
  • Course Publishing
  • Cross-listing course shells
  • Missing Students/Canvas Shells
  • Student/Enrollment Issues

Lee Miller

  • Academic Integrity
  • Instructional ADA Questions
  • New Innovative ideas
  • OER Resources, Design, Review

Matt Connell

  • Admin for Zoom and VidGrid.
  • Ally – ADA Software
  • Canvas Sandbox Shell
  • Installing an App for the First Time
  • Instructional Design Brainstorming and Troubleshooting
  • Missing Grades or Module Access

    Courtney Metcalf

    • BOL Helpdesk 
    • Check Grades for Students Enrolled in Subsequent Courses 
    • Consortium Agreement Coordination with Financial Aid
    • Incomplete Contracts
    • Student Advising

    Megan Schiffelbein

    • Error Messages
    • Multimedia Help
    • Previously Installed App Reload, Reconnect or Troubleshooting
    • Site Wide App License and Download Info
    • Student Software Install & Troubleshooting

    Jenna Wornkey

    • Center Website Questions
    • Training Requests and Questions
    • Upcoming Training Schedule
    • Event Assistance

    Teressa Zink

    • Online Bookstore 
    • Student Enrollment
    • Student Non-Attendance/Non-Activity Drops
    • Student Access Canvas/Course Assistance

    Angie Reed

    • Course Development Agreements
    • Course Review Requests
    • Course Review Questions
    • Syllabus Questions