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Read below for answers to commonly asked questions.


1. How often are Barton employees paid?

All Barton employees are paid once a month in accordance with either the Hourly Employee Pay Calendar or the Salaried Employee Pay Calendar.


 2. Where do I turn in my time sheet?

Time sheets are turned into the payroll personnel in the Office of Human Resources by the published deadlines located on the Employee Pay Calendars.


3. How do I change my home address?

In accordance with the College’s Identity Theft procedure, an individual may request a change in their legal address by one of the following methods:

     i. Submitting an address change request through the student’s or employee’s PAWs account.

     ii. In person (with valid photo ID).

     iii. By email from an official college email address.

     iv. Faxing or mailing a change of address affidavit which has been signed, dated, and notarized.

If you elect to change your address through PAWS, after logging in you will click on (1) Personal Information; (2) View Address(es) and Phone(s); and (3) “click here” to the right of where it states “To update your legal or local address”


4. How do I update my emergency contact information?

It is important to to keep up-to-date emergency contact information on file with the College.  For information on how to update this information, click here.


5. Where can I find job descriptions?

Job descriptions are located in the HRJob Descriptions folder on the T: Drive.


6.  As a supervisor, what information should it keep in my employee working files?

To access guidelines on what should and should not be kept in your employee working files, click here.



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