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Barton uses the Ellucian Banner product to provide Student and Administrative Information Systems which encompass constituent life cycle. The Banner web enabled interfaces allow total anywhere anytime access with a rich set of features including on line bill pay, on line enrollment, on line access to grades, and many other advanced services.

Barton also has Ellucian Portal and Mobile Web App.


The vision to purchase this product came out of a mandate from the Barton Administration to provide to our constituents a UDC (Unified Digital Campus) with web enabled products. In 1995 Barton purchased the SCT (Now Ellucian) Banner product and began the installation and testing phase. The product was put into daily use in 1996.

Banner Leads

Barton years of service Banner Project years of service:

Terry Barrow started 1983 since 1995
Coleen Cape started 1995 since 2000
Lori Crowther started 1990 since 1995
Linda Haberman started 1971 since 1995
Pat Haberman started 1992 since 1995
Michelle Kaiser started 1996 since 1996
Julie Knoblich started 1978 since 1995
Amy Oelke started 1994 since 1995
Myrna Perkins started 1992 since 1995