Office 365

Barton Office 365 for Employees covered by Barton's Microsoft Campus License

Office 265 Signup Confirmation ScreenshotSteps To Follow Below:

Visit Office 365

  1. Select Teachers
  2. Select Find Out If You're Eligible
  3. Enter your school email address (you will need a Barton issued email address)
  4. Check your email - Click the link and complete Office 365 Education sign-up

Barton Office 365 for Students

Confirm email address screenshotSteps to follow:

  1. Go To MyBarton Portal and login
  2. You will need to use your Barton Issued email account. To find email account information scroll down and look on the right side for your email account. Eligibility confirmation screenshot(example
  3. Open new tab in browser and go to
  4. Click on the "Find Out if you are Eligible" link
  5. Enter Your Barton Email.
  6. Enter school email address screenshotGo back to MyBartonPortal and click Check Email until you receive the authorization from Microsoft. Note: If you have your email setup to forward to another account you will need to check that account.
  7. Click the accept link and follow instructions. You will have access to 1TB of online storage, 5 installs of Office 365 and also Office Authorization of email screenshotOnline.




Office 365 Confirmation of signup screenshot