Virtual Windows

Below are the instructions to run Microsoft Windows 7 on your MacBook or your Windows PC using VMBox virtual machine.

Download the VMBox software:

For Mac   |   For Windows (Do not use IE, please use Chrome or Firefox)

After downloading, open the file and follow the installation instruction.

Click on virtual appliance then select the appropriate image (make sure you remember where you downloaded it).

After download the virtual appliance is downloaded (could be several minutes) start the VMBox software:

For MAC - Go to Finder, Applications and start the Virtual box Software
For PC - Click on Start, All Programs and start the Virtual Box Software

At the top of your screen, click on File, Import Appliance, then click on the yellow folder all the way to the right and locate the virtual appliance you just downloaded, the name of the file will be Windows10.ova

After file is imported, highlight Win7Off16 then click on the green start button