Information Services Policies and Procedures

Information Services Data Backup

Backups for all college servers will be kept on this schedule:

End of month will be kept for 2 months.

Daily backups of documents will be kept for 2 weeks.

Updated 03-03-2003

Microsoft Server Patch Maintenance

Patches/updates maintenance for the Microsoft Servers, will be done on weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday) from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Down time for each server would be approx. 15 to 20 minutes. If you cannot get into a server, please try again in 20 minutes.

Resources for Procedure Compliance

You can listen to music and watch shows online without running the risks involved with downloading and circulating them using networks that operate outside copyright law. Visit the Legal Sources of Online Content webpage for a complete list. 

Read the Copyrighted Material and File Sharing Statement

IT Disaster Plans

The following recovery plans of action have been created as responses to four identified potential disasters:

1. Fire at Computer Center - A fire destroys all equipment. Campus is cabled in such a manner that we can locate servers to any building on campus. An alternative site should be selected ahead of time. Recommendation would be to bring the student servers online in T116 and administrative servers online in Kirkman. We will need to contact CDWG to see about the purchase or lease of hardware. Both servers UPS's and backup tape units will need to be procured. The next issue will be OS and software. Copies will need to be made before hand of all OS and other software that will be needed to restore systems. Backup tapes will be vital but systems have to be restored manually until the system can see to backup tape unit. At that time they can be restored by backup tape if the hardware is the same. If we have new hardware then the systems will have to be restored manually and then only the data will be taken off backup tapes.

Priorities: The Banner Administrative servers are critical and will be restored first. Hopefully enough trained staff will be available to build multiple servers at once. A book is to be created for each server detailing what the servers processes are and how to rebuild and restore the server. With the book should be all necessary OS disks and software needed to rebuild the server. Copies of these books need to be stored off site. Currently all backups of server are located below ground in two locations. Also, HR will need to determine how to produce a payroll without access to the servers in case the servers are off-line during a payroll.

2. Flood at Computer Center - A flood may or may not destroy all equipment.

It will depend on how much water, how long the water is on the servers and if the servers are on or off. If the servers are off and the water is not on them very long then some of the low priority servers could be disassembled and dried out and put back in temporary use until the critical servers are replaced. The rest of the disaster recovery will be the same as a fire, with the exception that the servers may not need relocation, depending on the cause of the flood.

3. Loss of Most or All Support Personnel - i.e. van accident with all support people in it.

Loss of most or all support personnel will cause campus to purchase long term onsite support from various vendors. The Dean of Business Services will be given a document with all system level passwords for the consultants to access our systems. The local computer companies can be contacted to provide PC desktop service and support. CDWG can be contacted for technical support SCT can be contacted for Banner/Oracle support.

4. Individual Machine Loss

Individual machine loss will require that processes handled by that server be moved to another server, a temporary replacement server be built from an existing PC on campus - such as one from the Information Technology Department - and/or obtaining a replacement server.

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