President's Staff


President’s Staff is a recommending body to the President of Barton. It is comprised of senior level administrators, executive directors, directors, and key staff whose expertise is regularly sought for making administrative decisions at Barton. Members are responsible for developing and implementing policies, procedures, strategic planning and comprehensive administrative framework that advances and guides College operations.


Dr. Carl Heilman


A-Bldg., Rm. 120, (620) 792-9301


President’s Staff Members


Acting Vice President, Elaine Simmons

Vice President of Instruction and Student Services

A-Bldg., Rm. 115B, (620) 792-9303


Brian Howe (Interim)

C-Bldg., Rm. 116, (620) 792-9254


Mark Dean

Dean of Administration

P-Bldg., Rm. 116A, (620) 792-9235


Ashley Anderson

Dean of Military Academic Services

Fort Riley Programs Office, (785) 784-6606


Angela Maddy

Dean of Student Services

Learning Resources Center, Rm 137, (620) 792-9226


Bill Nash

Dean of Technical Education

Hazardous Materials & Emergency Services Training Institute

Grandview Plaza, (785) 238-8550


Charles Perkins

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

A-Bldg., Rm. 124, (620) 792-9245


Elaine Simmons

Dean of Workforce Training & Community Education

S-Bldg., Rm. 143, (620) 792-9214


Coleen Cape

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

Student Union, Rm. 207, (620) 792-9367


Trevor Rolfs

Director of Athletics

P-Bldg., Rm. 10A, (620) 792-9378


Julie Knoblich

Director of Human Resources

P-Bldg., Rm. 116B, (620) 792-9275


Cathie Oshiro

Director of Grants

A-Bldg., Rm. 123, (620) 792-9234


Claudia Mather

Associate Dean of Distance Learning

Fort Riley Programs Office, (785) 784-6606

OR Barton Campus - A-Bldg., Rm. 123, (620) 792-9123


Amye Schneider

Assistant to the President

A-Bldg., Rm. 122, (620) 792-9302


Barton Community College

245 NE 30 Road

Great Bend, KS 67530

(800) 748-7894 • (620) 792-2701