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  • Faculty Council Third Wednesday Discussion Oct 20th RecordingSept 15th Recording
  • Improve Metacognitive Equity: Teach Students How to Learn - Recording | PowerPoint
  • Improve Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity by Creating a Leadership Development Academy - Recording | PowerPoint
  • Proven Strategies for Closing Equity Gaps - Recording | PowerPoint
  • The Use of Symbiotic Intelligence (SYM-Q) to Create Intercultural Effectiveness - Recording
  • Making Waves: Supporting Faculty to Create Equitable Classrooms - Recording
  • Making Haves Out of Have-Nots: Digital Inclusivity to Dissipate a Divide - Recording | PowerPoint
  • Laying a Foundation for the “Equity” Talk - Recording
  • The Community in Your Classroom - Recording
  • Steps to Launching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Your Institution - Recording
  • Addressing Less Women in IT, Early: A Middle School Coding Camp to Make Friends and Learn! - Recording
  • Culturally Reflective Practitioners - Recording
  • Classroom Practices, Materials, and Professional Development Opportunities to Promote Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion - Recording
  • Teaching Edge: What We’ve Learned From Creating Large Online Courses for Phi Theta Kappa Members - Recording
  • Smart Education Solutions: Improve Student Engagement in an Online Environment - Recording
  • Don’t Throw in the Towel: Academic Integrity and the Online Course - Recording
  • The Day Teaching Changed: Teaching in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond - Recording
  • The Virtual D.I.N.E.R.: Mixing It Up - Recording | PowerPoint
  • Practical Tips for Effective Online Teaching - Recording
  • OER Certification Process - Recording
  • Get Thee to Tutoring! How to Increase Student Usage of Tutoring & Learning Support Resources - Recording
  • The Neuroscience of Trust – Does Your Communication Inspire Trust and Commitment from Others?” - Recording
  • How to Capture the 8-second Attention Span of Gen Z and Leave a Lasting Impression - Recording
  • Improving Student Success with Video and Active Learning - Recording
  • Course Delivery Guidelines - Recording
  • Faculty Tips - Fuzion and LiveOnline - Recording
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