Fall on campus

Cougar TALEs

January 2024
January 2024

Student Authenticity: Best Practices– Claudia Mather and Curtis Rose
Essential Skills: The Why, What and Where – Janet Balk, Deanna Heier, Nolan Esfeld

August 2023
August 2023

Long Live CATS | Handout – Kurt Konda
Managing Stress and Burnout | Handout – Dr. Rose Helens-Hart
First Impressions Matter | Handout – Dr. Stacey Smith
College Updates
Balancing Work and Life – Lindsey Bogner, Elaine Simmons
Artificial Intelligence – Academic Integrity Council
Francis Financial Services – Leslie Francis Klug, John Francis
All Faculty Meeting
Have you met... – Terri Mebane, Erika Jenkins-Moss, Janet Balk, Abby Kujath, Megan Chambers, Kurt Teal

January 2023
January 2023

What even IS a Foundation and what can you do with it? – Lindsey Bogner
Cyber Hygiene – Jose Palacios
Practical Strategies for Course Building – Blair Stamper
Visit the Library – Darren Ivey
Power BI and Data – Jose Palacios
Concourse with Lab | Power Point | PP as PDF – Brian Howe and Ange Davied
Have you met…
          Baudilio Hernandez - Hispanic Engagement & Recruitment Office Director
          Rita Thurber - Student Support Services Project Director
          Jacquelyn Maser - Counselor
          Nolan Esfeld - Director of Student Academic Development
          Patrick Busch - CKUB Project Director
          Eric Smith - CKUB Academic Coordinator
          Kelsey Hall - BCUB Project Director
         Rebecca Kratzer - BCUB Academic Coordinator

August 2022
August 2022

College Updates
All Faculty Meeting (Entire Group)
Student Success Alliance - Stephanie Joiner and the Student Success Alliance
So You're Coming to the Curriculum Committee...– Brian Howe
Meet the Coaches – Trevor Rolfs and Staff

January 2022
August 2021
August 2021
December 2020
December 2020
  • Write so Students Understand You with Karly Little - Recording | Presentation
  • Get (the right) Stuff Done! with Brandon Steinert - Recording
  • Self-Awareness and Empathy on Campus with Christian Dashiell | Recording
  • Communication is Key with Dani Kultgen - Recording
  • Open Pedagogy with Lee Miller - Recording
  • Leading Barton through a Crisis with Claudia Mather - Recording
  • The Golden Rule - Recording
  • Team Building through Communication with Claudia Mather - Recording
August 2020
August 2020