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Recorded Webinars (Free)

  • Classroom Management: Enough With the Nonsense!
    Learn about effective classroom management strategies that promote student success. Webinar participants discuss research-based classroom techniques specific for higher education learning and gain an understanding about the importance of student sanctioning from a student affairs perspective. This webinar highlights a partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Development Services to improve and enhance the learning environment.
  • Managing Conflict in the Classroom
    Inevitably, everyone faces conflict and stressful situations in academia. Students, faculty, and administrators – everyone goes through conflict, but not everyone manages conflict well. STARLINK offers helpful strategies to better manage conflicts, how to mitigate damages caused by conflict, and tips to foresee and avoid potential conflicts.
  • How Can I Resolve Difficult Situations in the Classroom?
    The anonymity of the online classroom can be liberating. It can also give rise to unintentional and intentional bad behavior including micro aggressions and bullying. In this program, learn to recognize micro aggressions and bullying in the online classroom and explore a strategy to effectively address these issues if and when they arise.
  • What Is Contract Cheating and What Can We Do About It?
    Contract cheating is the most egregious form of cheating that can happen within educational institutions. When students arrange for other people to complete their academic work for them, they undermine the very purpose of the academic assessment and defraud the public with credentials that are not honest and trustworthy representations of the students’ knowledge and abilities. In this webinar, Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant will overview this phenomenon known as contract cheating, what institutions can do to prevent it from occurring and what faculty must do to detect it.
  • Developing Effective Academic Integrity Policies
    This webcast examines how institutions are using academic integrity policies to successfully guide student academic conduct in a time of significant cultural and institutional changes around how instruction is delivered and received.
  • Promoting Academic Integrity in Digital Learning
    Promoting and preserving integrity in the online learning environment is part of an ongoing movement and effort to reinforce quality teaching and learning. A teaching and learning strategy in which faculty focus less on "stop cheating" and focus more on creating engaging learning environments, improving instruction, and leveraging the cheating moment as a teachable moment. More recent studies have shown that while the digital environment presents different challenges, the reasons students cheat are the same regardless of medium, including ineffective time-management and academic and peer pressures.

NISOD Live Webinars (Free)

  • Thursday, October 17, 2019 - It's All Fun and Games: Gamification in the Community College Classroom
    During this webinar, participants learn about a variety of strategies and low- and high-tech tools that can help add intrigue, motivation, competition, and fun into any lesson, unit, or semester. By the end of the webinar, participants will have learned about the benefits of using gamification in the classroom, ideas to easily gamify any lesson, technology tools that allow for greater gamification, and how using a semester-long game can help deliver course content in a way that sparks student motivation.
  • Thursday, October 24, 2019 - How to Make Getting Published a Piece of Cake
    This webinar explores and explains several free tools that aid authors in getting published across modern mediums, including how to start a blog, record podcasts, create website content, and produce original videos. Additionally, webinar participants will reflect on what motivates or distracts authors from keeping a focus on publishing online.
  • Thursday, November 7, 2019 - Building the Capacity for Campuswide Resiliency and Reform
    Webinar participants learn how HCC is using critical dialogue to unpack success metrics and related practices. Participants are introduced to a proven framework for campus wide reflection and how to tie this to the foundational elements of an institution (e.g., the strategic plan), identify strategies for cross-campus engagement in courageous conversations around student success, and gain an understanding of the basic elements of a communication plan to ensure clarity and transparency around important findings and outcomes. HCC is transforming historically siloed work via an intentional review process.
  • Thursday, November 21, 2019 - Five Breakout Moves to Build a Community of Powerful Learners
    This webinar includes research-based strategies for developing a community of powerful learners in an active-learning classroom. Topics include co-developing norms around group learning, fostering a positive academic classroom mindset, deciding if a task is “group-worthy," and learning students’ names. Participants in this webinar learn (1) how to create a classroom structure that allows students to safely explore, experiment, improvise, take risks, make mistakes, and co-construct new knowledge with their peers; (2) strategies to ensure that inquiry-based group learning is inclusive and equitable for students from all backgrounds; (3) instructional moves that can immediately be incorporated into pedagogy to ensure their inquiry-based group learning approach is inclusive, engaging, and equitable.
  • Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 60 Free Software Tools in 60 Minutes
    During this webinar, discover free, but little-known, technology tools available for faculty, staff, administrators, and students to use for improving student engagement in the classroom, as well the workflow of everyday tasks. Participants leave with at least one tool they can immediately put to use. A total of 60 tools in the following categories will be presented to help increase engagement and efficiency across a variety of workflows: Office productivity, Grammar, Survey instruments, Cloud-based storage, Video and presentation, Image and audio editors, Content management systems, Plagiarism checkers, Communications tools, App development and creation, File conversion, …and more!
  • Thursday, December 12, 2019 - At the Heart of Retention Programs and Practices: Creating an Environment of Mattering and Validation for Community College Students
    This webinar presents the connection between community college student persistence and the important roles mattering and validation play in student success. Based upon Schlossberg's (1989) Mattering Theory and Rendon's (1994) Validation Theory, the webinar demonstrates practical and simple ways faculty members can communicate to students that they matter to the institution and that they have the ability to be successful, powerful learners. Calling upon an extensive literature review, as well as data gathered from a qualitative study of community college faculty, this webinar encourages participants to engage in practices that affirm and help students connect to course content and the institution.

STARLINK Webinars (Free)

  • Dynamic Communication Strategies, Including Gen Z
    The greatest teachers are dynamic communicators. Jill Schiefelbein explains, “A Dynamic communicator is confident, adaptable, progressive, proactive, and stimulating.” Join STARLINK and Dr. Jill Schiefelbein, “The Dynamic Communicator,” as we explore communication strategies that work, including effective ways to communicate with our newest Generation Z students.
  • How Can I Engage the Emotions of My Students to Maximize Learning?
    But recent research shows that emotions have a strong impact on cognition. Instead of excluding emotion from the classroom, instructors would do well to acknowledge and take advantage of the impact emotions have on students’ ability to learn new material. Drawing on a proposed addition of Emotional Presence to the Community of Inquiry Framework, examine why and how emotions can increase learning and retention.
  • How Can I Build Momentum for Change with Short-term Wins?
    Even when you’ve had substantial success, your project could fail if you don’t adequately demonstrate what you’ve achieved before your critics and skeptics have written things off. There is a way to hold everyone’s attention and maintain support for your change effort. The key is to use short-term wins to demonstrate early achievements and create a clear path of success. In fact, when you correctly utilize short-term gains, you will build interest in and momentum for your efforts, and that vastly increases the likelihood of overall success.
  • Where Can I Find Free Tools for Holding Online Office Hours?
    Office hours for online faculty might sound like an oxymoron, but in this Magna 20-Minute Mentor- Where Can I Find Free Tools for Holding Online Office Hours?, you’ll discover web-based tools you can use to connect with your students while teaching online. Even in an e-learning environment, office hours are an important part of the educational experience. Students need to know when, where, and how they can reach online faculty when more than just an email exchange is called for.
  • Retooling Student Retention from Remedial to Remarkable
    Why do so many institutions struggle with poor retention rates? How can we accomplish sustainable and measurable improvement? Traditionally, many retention strategies focus on weakness and student deficit. STARLINK explores exemplary models of high performance retention strategies - focusing on strengths, building a culture of confidence, and implementing effective strategies to make significant improvements in student success and retention.

FHSU Management Development Center (Cost Associated)

Dillon Lecture Series (Cost Associated)

  • Nov 5, 2019 - Fredi Lajvardi kindles your innate sense of ingenuity with his remarkable firsthand account of how he transformed a group of high school students into a national champion robotics team. With humor and compassion, Fredi brings audiences on his inspiring journey, illustrating the need to embrace diversity and invest in people to help others realize their potential. Additional information and ticket registration can be found on the DLS website.