The Learning, Instruction and Curriculum Committee (LICC) exists as a faculty driven committee to oversee the college curriculum.


  • Review and approve all curriculum matters and changes (credit hour change, title change, new classes, programs, etc.).
  • Function as a vehicle to encourage a focus toward student and institutional learning.
  • Function as a vehicle to ensure a quality and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Function as a vehicle to support faculty professional development.
  • Be mindful of the "total" College curriculum in its decisions so that the College's interests are inclusive of all locations, all delivery methods, and all types of courses.





New/Revised Course Resources


Syllabus Approval Resources


Transfer Degree Credit Hour Sub-Committee

     1-19-2018 Minutes

     1-26-2018 Minutes

     2-2-2018 Minutes

     2-15-2018 Minutes

     2-23-2018 Minutes

     3-8-2018 Minutes

     3-29-2018 Minutes

     4-11-2018 Minutes

     4-19-2018 Minutes

     4-26-2018 Minutes


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