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Policy and Procedure

While employees are expected to read, understand and comply with the provisions in ALL College policies and procedures, we have some specific one's pulled to get you started.

Here are some suggested Human Resources policies are listed below to get you started:

Policy 1407 - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Policy 1460 - Policies and Procedures/At-will
Policy 1461 - Nepotism
Procedure 2450 – Employee Conduct and Discipline
Procedure 2451 – Ethical Behavior
Procedure 2452 – Problem Resolution (Employees)
Procedure 2457 – Personnel Data Changes
Procedure 2410 – Bloodborne Pathogens
Procedure 2440 – Course Work Grants
Procedure 2466 - Adjunct Faculty  Compensation
Procedure 2476 – Children in the Workplace
Procedure 2490 – Payroll

The College Operations are full of valuable information; be sure to familiarize yourself with them. Here are some to begin with:

Procedure 2100 – College Closing – Inclement Weather
Procedure 2105 – College Communications
Procedure 2108 – Social Networking
Procedure 2111 – Use of Computers/College Computing and Information Systems
Procedure 2122 – Anti-harassment

There are many Instruction Procedures to be aware of. Spend some time to get to know these and be sure to follow-up with your supervisor if there are any questions, here are a few to start with:

Procedure 2501 – Academic Integrity, Quality and Rigor
Procedure 2502 – Academic Integrity
Procedure 2505 – Grade Revocation
Procedure 2510 – Proctored Examinations
Procedure 2511 – Grade and Attendance Reporting

Other procedures that will have some impact on you as a new employee would include those for Students and Students Services. The list below is just a few significant procedures, take time to review the others:

Procedure 2605 – Student Privacy Rights (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA])
Procedure 2611 – Student Code of Conduct
Procedure 2612 – Substance Abuse and Drug-Testing Program
Procedure 2615 – Problem Resolution (Students)

Fiscal Management, and Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources also has some procedures that may have some impact on you as a Barton employee.

Procedure 2300 – Travel
Procedure 2206 – Video Surveillance
Procedure 2210 – Posters, Handbills, Solicitation and Other Activities

Be sure to review all Barton Policies and Procedures. The College will communicate updates to policies, which could include any or all of the policies listed here; the appropriate administrative offices charged with managing the functions referenced through the policies will make updates to procedures.

Employee Guide - Adobe format

The New Employee Guide is provided only as a guide. The information contained in the guide is not to be considered binding in any way. Barton Community College reserves the right to add, revise, supplement or rescind any policies, benefits, or other statements made in the Employee Guide without prior notice. The College will communicate updates to the policies; the appropriate administrative offices charged with managing the functions referenced through the policy will make updates to procedures. The most up to date information is on-line.