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Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is published on the website as a living document. The handbook will not be published as a hard copy, but faculty may request a printed version if they do not have access to the web. The items within this handbook refer to all faculty in all locations and using all modes of teaching. Where policies and procedures are site specific, mode specific or classification specific, it is so noted.

Links and Resources

General College Information

College Mission and Vision 
Organizational Chart 
Academic Policies and Procedures 
Assessment of Student Learning 

Faculty Forms

Learning Contract 
Make-Up Test Permission Form 
Time Log Master Copy 

Classroom Management and Instructional Operations

Absence from Class Form (Field Trips, Instructor Emergency or Illness) 
Adding or Dropping Courses (Late Starting, Learning Contracts) 
Class Rosters 
Class Cancellation 
Concurrent Credit Report 
Distance Learning (ITV, Hybrid, Web Enhanced, Online) 
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 
Electronic Services (Audio/Visual, Smart Classrooms) 
Emergency & Security 
Examinations (Finals, Make-up) 
Grades (Posting, I Grades, LowGrade Reports, Mid Term Grades) 
Mandatory Time-Based Standards (Laboratories, Lectures, Hybrid, Internships or Practicums) 
Mileage Reimbursement Guidelines & Procedures 
Mileage Report Form 
Textbook Adoption Procedures 

Arranged Classes Documents and Forms

Arranged and Late Starting Classes Policy 
Arranged Course Guidelines 
Audit Requirements 
Time Log Master Copy 
Time Log Procedure Flow Chart 
Directed Independent Study Policy 
Directed Independent Study Contract 
Directed Independent Study Criteria 
Portfolio Assessment Guidelines 


Faculty Qualifying Credentials 
FLAC Faculty User Guide