Performance Appraisals

Staff Evaluations

The primary basis of an evaluation is job performance, although other factors that affect the work group, department, and the College may be included in the evaluation. The purpose of performance evaluation is to improve job performance, the employee's value to the College, and to advance the employee’s skills and abilities.

Evaluation Schedule

Evaluation of staff occurs in accordance with the following schedule:

  1. A staff member who is either new to the College or who has transferred into a staff position shall be evaluated after 30 days and again after 90 days in their new staff position.
  2. A staff member shall also be evaluated annually each spring according to the graph below.
Year Start Date Due to Evaluator
By No Later Than
Evaluator to HR
By No Later Than
HR to VP/President
By No Later Than
President to HR 
By No Later Than
2019 4-Mar 6-May 27-May 3-Jun 14-Jun
2020 2-Mar 4-May 25-May 8-Jun 15-Jun
2021 1-Mar 3-May 24-May 7-Jun 14-Jun
2022 7-Mar 2-May 23-May 6-Jun 13-Jun

Documents used for the Staff Evaluation process include:

Other process details regarding staff evaluations will be communicated by the Office of Human Resources.

Faculty Evaluations

Evaluation of full-time and regular part-time faculty occurs in accordance with the following schedule:

  1. A faculty member in the first two consecutive school years of employment shall be evaluated by their supervisor at least one time each academic term.
  2. During the third and fourth years of employment, a faculty member shall be evaluated at least one time each academic year.
  3. After the fourth year of employment, a faculty member shall be evaluated at least once in every three academic years.
  4. Additionally, a supervisor may evaluate a faculty member anytime at their discretion.

Documents used for Faculty Evaluations can be found in the Forms Center under Instruction. These forms include:

  1. Classroom Visit Form (Face-to-Face/Hybrid) - completed by the supervisor
  2. Classroom Visit Form (Online) - completed by supervisor
  3. Faculty Recommendation Form - completed by the supervisor
  4. Performance Improvement Plan and Performance Improvement Plan Sample

Other process details regarding faculty evaluations will be communicated by the office of the Vice President of Instruction.