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PAWS is an information system that applies to many areas of the college. PAWS is a convenient and accurate system that is connected with BANNER for its information and data. Employees should become familiar with PAWS.

As an employee, PAWS contains personal information that is accessible online at anytime. PAWS includes information pertaining to:

Benefits and Deductions

  • Pay Information
  • Tax Forms
  • Current and Past Jobs
  • Leave Balances
  • Employee Directory
  • Pay Online

As Faculty or Adjunct Faculty, PAWS

  • is the location in which student grades will be entered so students have easy access to their grade report, including both mid-term and finals;
  • can assist in advisement tasks; and
  • is where you review and acknowledge your compensation assignments.  

For Staff, PAWS is where requisitions for college purchases are handled. Depending on your position at the College, you may or may not complete requisitions for purchases.

For Students, PAWS contains many items relating to your education, such as:

  • Grades
  • Progress toward a degree
  • Enroll online for most classes
  • Pay your bill
  • Class Schedule
  • Current Financial Aid
  • Financial Account
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Authorization form for student records