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Media Channels

The Communications Department utilizes a wide variety of media channels to get information to the public and tell the many stories of Barton Community College. These include paid advertisements on traditional media such as newspapers, radio stations and local and cable television. Barton also has a paid advertising presence on numerous search engines and social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in getting your message out, be sure to let us know, as we have contacts with many media entities statewide.

To request a paid advertisement for your program or event, contact Chief Communications Officer Maggie Harris at

Social Media

We also use several social media platforms to convey our message. Our goal with social media is to create top of mind brand awareness, a sense of pride and community across our campuses and to respond to customer service issues if necessary. Barton currently has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google + and Flickr. Flickr is used mainly to store photographs that we take for the college. Feel free to view, download or share them! We are always monitoring the climate of this ever-evolving medium to stay current and relevant. Here are links to the following social media accounts associated with Barton. Feel free to follow us on all of them!

For more information on social media contact Chief Communications Officer Maggie Harris at


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