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New Employee Information

Welcome to Barton Community College! As a new employee, this area of the Human Resources website is to assist you in getting to know Barton; Barton procedures, and Barton facilities.

To learn a little about Barton, please take the time to go through the pages by clicking on the continue button. These will in hopes help you gain a little more information about the College and what we have to offer our employees.

We hope this is beneficial to you and that it will continue to assist you as you become more comfortable with the College.

Letter from the President 

Dr. Carl HeilmanTo All Barton Community College Employees:

We are pleased that you have chosen to join Barton Community College and continue and contribute to our rich tradition of excellence in providing service to students and community. As colleagues and member of the Barton family, I wish you every success here at the College and look forward to working with you as we strive to fulfill the College’s mission.

To achieve this end, all employees are expected to read, understand, and comply with our Administrative Policy and Procedures. These may be found on the College’s web site. From time to time it may be necessary for the College to add, revise, supplement, or rescind any procedures or portions of its Administrative Policy. When changes occur, they will be posted within the “web manual”. Employees are responsible for their awareness and understanding of all policies and procedures. To this end, please periodically review all posted policies and procedures on the Barton website. Should there be any changes, they will be brought to your attention. Through the development of these policies and procedures, the College hopes to provide a working and learning environment that is conducive to your personal and professional growth as well as its own long-term and continued success.

I hope you enjoy your experiences at Barton. Please realize that no matter what work you do, you’re making a difference in the lives of our students.

Carl R. Heilman

Welcome from HR

Welcome to Barton Community College! We are pleased to have you on board as a new member of the Barton "family" and look forward to working with you, as well as answering any questions you might have pertaining to areas such as employee benefits, payroll, etc.

The following information and resources which will assist you in being effective in your work at Barton. This page includes:

  • Information about Barton
  • Policy and procedures
  • Getting started at Barton
  • Benefits information
  • Resources at Barton

We hope that you will find Barton Community College a good working environment and the atmosphere warm and friendly.  Again, welcome to Barton!

Enrollment of New Employees – Oath – Each employee, before entering upon the duties of his/her job, shall be required to subscribe in writing to an Oath of Office as required by the laws of the State of Kansas. The College will keep appropriate records as required by law.

To provide equal employment, advancement and learning opportunities to all individuals, employment and student admission decisions at Barton will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. Barton County Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age or any characteristic protected by law in all aspects of employment and admission in its education programs or activities. Any person having inquiries concerning Barton County Community College’s non-discrimination compliance policy, including the application of Equal Opportunity Employment, Titles IV, VI, VII, IX, Section 504 and the implementing regulations, is directed to contact the College’s Title IX Coordinator, Barton County Community College, Room L-139, Great Bend, Kansas 67530 (620) 786-7441, or visit Any person may also contact the Director, Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC 20201.

(Revised and approved by President on 12/16/13)

Employee Guide

In compliance with the Board of Trustees Barton Governance Manual, “the President may not manage the College without adequate administrative policies for matters involving instructional services, administrative and financial services, human resources, marketing and economic development, and student services.”

This Administrative Policy and Procedural Manual has been developed to provide consistency throughout the College community in its internal and external practices. The information contained herein has been extensively researched and provides the foundation from which the College shall operate.

ALL employees are mandated to read, understand and abide by the contents of this Manual, as well as all future additions/revisions as may be communicated through the Office of Human Resources. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

The President has the SOLE authority to approve revisions of any policy, procedure, or guideline set forth within the Administrative Policy and Procedural Manual or to establish new College-wide policies, procedures, or guidelines as the need may arise. Likewise, any inter-departmental procedures/guidelines specific to an individual department/area shall be written to align with this Manual in order for the College to maintain consistency and integrity in its operations. This Manual contains specific processes through which new/revised policies, procedures, and guidelines will be considered for approval.

No policy manual can be written to address the myriad of extraordinary circumstances that may arise in the day-to-day operations of the College. Therefore, the President has the SOLE authority to make exceptions to the policies/procedures/guidelines set forth herein. However, it is understood that these exceptions will be rare indeed, and will be made only in those situations where an exception will be in the best interest of the College and the students that it serves.

Revised and approved by President on 07-01-09

The Employee Guide is provided only as a guide. The information posted here is not to be considered binding in any way. Barton Community College reserves the right to add, revise, supplement or rescind any policies, benefits, or other statements made in the guide without prior notice. The College will communicate updates to the policies; the appropriate administrative offices charged with managing the functions referenced through the policy will make updates to procedures. HR 7/23/09

Faculty, Staff and Adjunct Faculty should review the Benefits and Policy and Procedure information. Student Employees should review the Policy and Procedure information. All employees are encouraged to read through the Human Resources section to learn more about essential and general college information. 


As a learning college and learning organization, Barton Community College faculty members are committed to our students, our colleagues, and the College. Faculty's primary objective is to provide quality education and training. In addition to teaching responsibilities, faculty also participate in student assessment, professional development, support of college policies and procedures, and service to college and community.


Staff members are committed to our students, our colleagues, and the College. A staff members primary objective is dependent on the department they work in, but overall is to provide quality area management for our students. Each staff member participates in professional development, support of college policies and procedures, and overall service to college and community.

Adjunct Faculty

An Adjunct Faculty member is a temporary employee who may or may not be continuously employed depending on instructional need. They are involved in the development and teaching of new and/or current curricula across the institution at multiple sites. Adjunct Faculty  members teach within an assigned discipline, assignments may include traditional and/or alternative delivery methods and day, evening and/or weekend classes.

Student Employees

Student employees assist in their departmental work as requested by supervisors. Tasks can fluctuate depending on the time of year, type of department, and college needs. Student employees learn as they work to enhance their knowledge of employment responsibilities and assist them with their future goals.