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Power BI

An interactive data visualization tool for aggregating, analyzing, and sharing data. Benefits of utilizing this tool; a user can see real time data, export and share data so others can view and interact.  Examples: Course search, budget review, enrollments, rosters, data review and cleaning.

Power BI (use Office 365 login credentials)

To request report access, subscriptions, training or support, please submit an IE Data Request form.

What to do if:
What to do if:
  • If your issue is a broken report, please provide a link and screenshot of the error.
  • If you do not see the data requested on your report upon notification – try refreshing your report, web browser, or log out of the app and log back in.  If you are still experiencing issues, send us an email.
  • If you do not see all the reports in College Wide, go to see all apps for access. 
  • If you need access to a report, email IE and include your supervisor.  Don’t forget to provide the specific report(s) you are requesting.  
  • If you are experiencing issues with your license renewal, contact IT.
  • If you have questions or need support in using Power BI, please contact us to set-up a training. IE@bartonccc.edu
  • New dashboard reports are created for frequent use only. Otherwise, raw or aggregated data will be provided.   
  • Use the logical path when selecting slicers for best results: Users should select the most important criteria first and work outwards.  This will ensure you retain all the related data selections to drill down your data query.
  • Refresh your browser for most recent update. Reports updated approximately every two hours.
  • Reset report to start fresh to remove prior filter/slicer selections.
  • To save report as a Favorite, click on the star in the top left page.
  • To Bookmark a page with your selection, click on the bookmark tab and Add a personal bookmark.  
  • Slicer selections change the options available.
  • DO NOT compare reports, criteria is different for every report based on owners parameters selected. 
  • Test your results to ensure accuracy.
  • Totals - individual selected totals may be different then the final unduplicated total column. 
  • Remove Duplications after exporting data to excel – Microsoft Find and remove duplicates instructions 

To Export Data to a PowerPoint or PDF - Select the drop down Export at the top of the page. Recommend selecting - Embed and image for PowerPoint, then select Only export current page or just click Export button for full report. 

To Export Data - Hover over the three hidden dots above your selection and select export data. Select Summarized Data.