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Academic Integrity

Request for Promotional Materials (posters, notebooks, etc.)   |   Nomination for Integrity Ambassadors Form   |   Integrity Values Logo - Small or Integrity Values Logo - Large 


Ask a Question   |   Plan an Event


Admissions Application   |   Admissions Request Information   |   Degree Seeking Students (Printable)   |   Degree Seeking Students (Electronic)   |   Tuberculosis Assessment 


Cheer & Dance   |   Baseball   |   Danceline   |   Former Athletes   |   Golf   |   Harm's Wellness Center Membership Form   |   Men's Basketball   |   Men's Soccer   |   Softball   |   Tennis   |   Trainer Questionnaire   |   Track & Field   |   Volleyball   |   Women's Basketball   |   Women's Soccer   |   Yell Leading

Business Office

Authorization for Electronic 1098   |   Barton CC W9   |   Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form   |   Deposit Slip   |   Fixed Asset Acquisition   |   Incident/Accident Report Form   |   Kansas Tax Exemption   |   Purchase Order Form   |   Sole Source Justification Form   |   Transmittal Form   |   Travel Reimbursement Form   |   Form W-9: Request for Taxpayer Number and Certification

Center for Innovation and Excellence 

Center Funding Opportunities | CFO Application | Supervisor Application for CFO | New Employee Orientation Guide | Professional Development Reporting Form | Professional Development Request Form 


Communications Request Form   |   Promotional Item Approval Form 

Enrollment Services

Barton Enrollment Days   |   Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Policy & Procedure   |   CPL Evaluation Form   |   Incomplete Grade Policy and Form   |   Official Transcript   |   Academic Clemency Appeal Form

Facility Management

Blue Team Form   |   Charter Bus Itinerary   |   Equipment Inventory & Disposition    |   Travel Requests   |   Clery Student Travel Form 

Faculty Forms

Student Alert Form 

Financial Aid

Plus Loan Authorization   |   Parent Plus Acceptance   |   Programs of Study FYI Interactive Form   |   Suspension Appeal   |   Tuition Voucher   


Open Proposal Funding Application   |   Fundraising Activity Approval   |   Non Cash Gift Acceptance   |   Recruitment Scholarship Request Form   

Human Resources

Visit the Human Resources webpage for HR forms.

Information Services

Cougar Text Messaging and Alert System   |   Tech Request Form 

Institutional Effectiveness

Data Request Form | Mission Flyer Print Request Form 


Academic Integrity Violation Reporting Form (AIVR)   |   Advisor or Change of Major Request   |   Curricula Approval Maxtrix (CAM)   |   CAM Executive Summary   |   CAM Phase Zero Program Development Template   |   CAM Phase Zero Program Development Template (Modified)   |   Class Coverage   |   Class Waiver Form   |   Classroom Visitation Form Face-to-Face   |   Classroom Visitation Form Online   |   Curricula Approval Location Form   |   Directed Independent Study Contract   |   Directed Independent Study Criteria   |   Faculty Credential Form   |   Faculty Recommendation Form    |   Finals Petition Form    |   Grade Appeal   |   Incomplete Grade Policy and Form   |   Instructional Evaluation Form Process   |   Mileage Form   |   Online Course Development Agreement   |   Proctoring Services   |   Release Form   |   Routing Cover Sheet   |   Time Log Form


Acquisition Suggestion   |   Interlibrary Loan Book   |   Interlibrary Loan Periodical 


Interest Form

Print Shop 

Print & Copy Request Form   |   Business Card Request Form   |   Paper Order Form 

Student Services 

Advisor or Change of Major Request   |   Child Development Center Application   |   Graduation Exit Form   |   Honors Program Application   |   Menningitis Waiver Form   |   Release Form   |   SMS (text messaging for activity and housing alerts)   |   Student Advisor Satisfaction Survey   |   Student Employment

Upward Bound

Application Request   |   Information Card

Veterans Services

Enrollment Certification Request

Workforce Training & Community Education