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Phone Help

Guides for New Phones

IP Office 9508 Telephone Quick Guide 
IP Office 9608 Telephone Quick Guide 
IP Office 9500 Series Phone User Guide 
IP Office Intuity Mailbox Mode User Guide 
Avaya Office Knowledge Base Documentation 

To Access Voicemail

From Any Barton location office desk phone press *17

From Off Campus dial 620-786-7498 or 1-888-506-1800

Follow instructions from system

Emergency Numbers

Dial extension 217 for Campus Safety

For 911, dial 9 then 911

Phone System Tips and Tricks

The tips below are for after you have logged in to your voice-mail which is *17

Tip #1

To change your pass-code for voicemail, press *4 (Audrey offers this as her announcement, then you follow her directions on changing your pin)  after doing so to get your voice-mail it will no longer be 1212 it will be… whatever you set it to.

Tip #2

For those of you who have your phones “roll” to a secretary or someone else, this is programmed a little differently than on the old system.

The NexTech technician may have explained to you already, here is the instructions.

You will need to record your voice-mail to say:

Hello you have reached “your name and etc.” if you would like, please leave me a voice-mail, if you would like to speak to my assistant or “other person” press 2.

For those that have more than one transfer out, you will need to record something for the press of 2 AND the press of 3.

Tip #3

To change your voice announcement press *69 and follow the verbal instructions.

Tip #4

To log off from your desk Phone press *36 (only do this when IT instructs you to do so if moving, set up, etc.)