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Faculty Council Third Wednesday Discussion
September 15th Recording

OER Certification Process - Recording

Instructor Training: LockDown Brower & Respondus Monitor FREE - Multiple Dates
This comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams. The session provides a detailed demonstration of both applications, including enhancements that make Respondus Monitor even more effective and easy to use.

Examity: How To Optimize your Online Proctoring Experience FREE - Thursday, September 30th | 11:00am EST
Whether you are new to online proctoring or have been using it for years, one thing is definitely for sure; one size does not fit all. The needs of students, faculty, and administrators can vary, especially given their familiarity with online proctoring. The key to success is to ensure that you are constantly working to optimize the online proctoring experience for everyone involved.

Get Thee to Tutoring! How to Increase Student Usage of Tutoring & Learning Support Resources FREE - On Demand

The Neuroscience of Trust – Does Your Communication Inspire Trust and Commitment from Others?” FREE | On Demand
Key communication behaviors that build and erode trust in interpersonal relationships will be presented and applied. Then a five-step model for restoring interpersonal trust when lost will be presented.
Next, trust in the workplace including the vital role that communication transparency plays in a leader’s ability to inspire trust and commitment from others. Finally, the challenges of establishing and maintaining trust on remote teams and how to address perceived “trust violations”.

How to Capture the 8-second Attention Span of Gen Z and Leave a Lasting Impression  FREE | On Demand
This webcast will explore how collegebound students engage with digital media, how to make the most of the different social media platforms and more. To download the slide deck, click here.

Improving Student Success with Video and Active Learning - FREE | On Demand
Learn about why universities are overhauling their lecture capture strategies and see interactive video and active learning as critical infrastructure to effective use of big data and improved student engagement and outcomes. To download the slide deck, click here

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Maximize the impact of Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS) by empowering students with formative learning opportunities to drive learning and improve outcomes.

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Faculty Tips - Fuzion and LiveOnline


Individual Logins! - NISOD's newest website feature for members.
NISOD has launched a new feature for members: Individual logins. Instead of using an institutional login, members now create their own individual account. Why? This creates a customized experience for each person and allows members to access the members-only sections of the website, track their event registrations, and download their participation certificates. If you have not yet created your individual account, please follow the directions here.


Creating Engaging and Authentic Assessments Online: Considerations for Emerging Practice FREE - Monday, October 4, 2021
Explain the influence authentic assessments exert on academic integrity violations. List the characteristics of authentic assessments and the nature of authentic tasks. Reflect on the authenticity of assessments according to the five-dimensional framework for authentic assessment. Explore the benefits and limitations of implementing authentic assessments

InstrutorCon Online FREE - Thursday, October 7, 2021
View the full agenda and/ or register here.

Collaborating with Student Scholars FREE - Thursday, October 7, 2021
This webinar provides three perspectives on successful collaboration with student scholars at California State University Dominguez Hills. Dr. Laura Talamante, Professor, History, shares her experience publishing an article in a peer-reviewed journal with an undergraduate student. Dr. Doris Namala, Professor, History, explains how a campus journal was formed that is completely under the direction of undergraduate students. Jasmine Abang, Student, shares her experiences in both of these projects. Dr. John Eigenauer guides the discussion and shares experiences of working with this outstanding group of scholars.

Decolonizing Higher Education: A 28-Year-Old Professor’s Perspective FREE - Monday October 11, 2021
Understand what makes certain academic tools ineffective and learn how to either modify them or eliminate them from the syllabus completely. Understand what cultural (ethnic, generational) components are important to students and learn to incorporate them into the classroom/learning experience. Develop confidence and understanding when applying these newly learned ideas.

Prevent Academic Misconduct and Educate for Academic Integrity? Three Approaches that Do Both FREE - Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Participants will be able to outline methods to prevent academic misconduct that also educate for academic integrity, specifically how text matching software can be used to promote improved writing skills, how URL blocking helps educate communities, and how assessment design and restrictions can reduce academic misconduct.

Leading From The Jumpseat FREE - Thursday October 14, 2021
In business and in life, handing over the reins to others is inevitable. Everyone will eventually leave their team, retire from being the CEO, or see their kids leave home and lead their own lives. Leading from the Jumpseat enables us to embrace this inevitability. It is a metaphor for how we can choose to lead. It’s about the journey we take so we can hand over control to others, who are then equipped to continue forward. Jumpseat Leadership is a way of interacting with people that will enhance performance in any given situation – during normal business, times of crisis, and life in general. Becoming a Jumpseat Leader takes practice and Peter Docker’s new book is a practical guide to handing over control.

Faculty Council Third Wednesday Discussion FREE - Wednesday October 20, 2021

Contract Cheating: Identifying and Addressing Outsourced Academic Student Work FREE - Wednesday, October 20, 2021
In this session engaged participants will learn how to identify telltale signs of contract cheating, conduct a non-confrontational conversation with a student suspected of contract cheating, develop capacity in your school to ensure multiple instructors and members of staff feel confident and competent in dealing with contract cheating.

Speaking Up: How to be an Effective Ally in the Workplace FREE - Thursday, October 21, 2021
In this session, we’ll define what it means to be an ally – and what meaningful, action-oriented allyship looks like. We’ll also discuss common issues specific to workplace power dynamics that can cause people to be hesitant to speak up when they see minoritized colleagues experience problematic communication and exclusion.

NISOD Fall Conference FREE - October 20-22, 2021
Don't miss this opportunity. Three Keynote Speakers, Sixty-Five Live Session, Forty+ On Demand Sessions. Full agenda coming soon!


I’ve Got a Retirement Saving Tool for You: The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) FREE - Tuesday, November 2, 2021
This session highlights the world of traditional and Roth IRAs, retirement savings vehicles many can take advantage of, yet not enough do. First, we will test your knowledge about these individual retirement plans that can provide tax advantages for retirement savings. Next, we will review the nuts and bolts behind each. Finally, we will review a real-life example of how to assess which IRA approach may be best for your needs.

Include-Rethink Diversity in the Workplace FREE - Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Know what it means to be included​, understand what is keeping us apart​, recognize the impact of non-inclusive behaviors​, have specific behaviors to help your organization be more inclusive, and apply learnings alongside peers within a breakout group.

A 2020 Perspective on Presence FREE - Monday November 8, 2021
Using the Community of Inquiry Framework, participants gain a foundational understanding of cognitive, instructional, and social presence. Participants learn from to the presenter’s research on presence by reflecting on their own presence in the traditional and online classroom. Participants learn specific, actionable opportunities for individual and organizational improvement with regards to presence.

Faculty Council Third Wednesday Discussion FREE - Wednesday November 17, 2021

Useful, Usable, and Actionable: How Faculty Can Use Data to Improve Student Success FREE - Monday November 15, 2021
Participants learn to use data to inform their teaching and learning efforts and improve student success. Participants identify indicators that are useful, usable, and actionable and learn how to request these from their institutional research department. Participants learn how to present information in ways that tell a compelling story and engage with their colleagues to use data in support of student success.

Leaving Space for Creativity FREE - Thursday November 18, 2021
Participants learn how to reward creativity. Participants learn the advantages of cultivating creativity.

Managing Up: How to Secure the Boss’ Buy-In for Your Big Ideas FREE - Thursday November 18, 2021
Our communications upward are most effective when they demonstrate our awareness of the organization’s needs, as well as our own abilities to think strategically and generate solutions to problems. We’ll consider the value of stopping ourselves for a moment before sending that email and taking a few moments to plan upward communication that is more strategic and effective in earning our boss’ trust, approval and advocacy for our ideas.


Where Are My Students? Increasing Online Presence Using Canvas FREE - Monday December 6, 2021
Participants are able to explain the importance of online teacher presence in Canvas. Participants are able to describe nine different methods to increase online presence in Canvas. Participants are able to evaluate the efficiency of Canvas tools used to increase online presence.

Two Things Are Certain in This World: Today We Are Going to Discuss One ~ Taxes! FREE - Tuesday December 14, 2021
This session addresses one of the two “musts” in this world: taxes. Learn some of the underpinnings of our modern-day taxes, where our tax money goes, considerations when filing our tax returns, plus several additional facets of a part of our lives many would choose to do without.

Creating Engagement in the Virtual Classroom FREE - Thursday December 16, 2021
Participants learn to create engagement by using the basic tools within the virtual meeting platform Zoom. Participants learn to create engagement by using additional strategies such as group brainstorming, active roll call, movement, the 40-second blah-blah-blah, and off-camera reflections to foster discussion and learning. Participants identify at least one tool/strategy to adapt for use in their own virtual courses.

Writing Emails that Save Time and Get Results FREE - Thursday December 19, 2021
In this webinar, we will discuss specific strategies for writing emails that will help you and your recipients save time and get more done every day.


Cougar TALEs  January 5-7, 2021

In Need of a Course Chiropractor? Using Distance Learning Alignment Strategies to Improve Student Success FREE Thursday January 8, 2021
Participants learn to define the concept of alignment between learning materials, assessments, and outcomes. Participants explore evidence of student success in courses where alignment has been made a top priority. Participants learn to create connections between learning materials, assessments, and outcomes for seated, hybrid, and fully online course delivery modalities.

But Prof … I Don't Know What Other Words to Use!: Challenges & Questions for Instructors and Students FREE - Wednesday, January 12, 2021
Identify various tools that can be used to rephrase text, educate students on the appropriate and inappropriate use of rephrasing technology, and respond to students who have used rephrasing technology.

Faculty Mental Wellness in Academe: Is Leadership Up to the Challenge?  FREE - Monday January 24, 2021
Participants understand why toxic leadership at community colleges disempowers and contributes to the poor mental health of faculty. Participants learn how supervision style can impact faculty mental health. Participants learn pertinent laws, regulations, and policies governing mental disabilities in higher education and whether leadership gets a passing mark in this area.

Financing the College Experience FREE - Tuesday January 25, 2021
This session focuses on various considerations, approaches, and strategies one might consider regarding financing higher education.