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Hiring Procedures

The College has established the following hiring procedures, which must be followed step-by-step when filling open positions:

Hiring Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty   |   Quick Checklist When Refilling Adjunct Faculty Positions 

Hiring Guidelines for Hourly Staff (Temporary) Positions   |   Quick Checklist When Refilling Hourly Staff (Temporary) Positions

Hiring Guidelines for Regular (Non-temporary) Faculty and Staff   |   Quick Checklist When Refilling Regular Positions

Student Employees/Supervision   |   Quick Checklist When Refilling Student Employment Positions

Agile Hiring Manager Guidelines 
Agile Applicant Tracking System Log-in Page

The following forms and guidelines support these hiring procedures:

Blue Team Form 
Guidelines for Student Employee Interview Process 
Personnel Action Form 
Personnel Requisition & Authorization Form 
Personal Data Sheet

Screening Committee Information

The following Screening Committee documents must be reviewed prior to the interview process:

Acceptable and Unacceptable Phrasing of Interview Questions 
Checklist for Reviewing Resumes or Application Forms 
Ethics and Confidentiality 
Final Interview Reminders 
Interview Do's and Don'ts 
Scenarios to Avoid and Screening Committee Chair's Role 
When Interviewing Persons with Disabilities 

Preplanned Interview Questions

The following documents contain the interview question format that must be used, along with interview questions that are in regulatory compliance.  Contact Human Resources if interested in additional interview questions.  Please note, once you have your interview questions developed, they must be sent to Human Resources for approval prior to conducting any interviews.

Interview Questions Sample Questions 
Interview Questions-Table Format 
Faculty Interview Question Form and Sample Questions 
Interview Questions for Emotional Intelligence 

Candidate Evaluation and Reference Checking Forms

One of the following candidate evaluation forms must be used if you are not using the Interview Question-Table Format shown above, which includes a candidate evaluation component.

Candidate Evaluation Form 1 
Candidate Evaluation Form 2 
Candidate Evaluation Form 3 
Candidate Evaluation Form 4 
Post-Interview Evaluation Form 

In addition, one of the following reference check forms must be used regardless of the type of method used to evaluate candidates.

Personal Reference Questionnaire 
Pre-Employment Telephone Reference Check Form 
Reference Check Sheet 
Reference Checking Form 

New Employee Orientation Guide

New Employee Orientation Guide

Driver Authorization Form

Driver Authorization Form

Alternative Work Location

2492 - Alternative Work Location

Alternative Work Location Agreement

Worker's Compensation

Incident/Accident Report Form

Other Hiring Information

The following documents might be helpful when trying to assess whether a position qualifies as exempt (salaried) or non-exempt (hourly), whether there is an independent contractor or employee relationship, and information on employee position codes/employee classifications used at Barton.

Exempt/Non-Exempt Tests for Salaried Positions

FLSA Administrative-Educational Establishments Exemption Test 
FLSA Administrative Exemption Test 
FLSA Assistant Coach Exemption Test 
FLSA Computer Employee Exemption Test 
FLSA Executive Exemption Test 
FLSA Head Coach Exemption Test 
FLSA Outside Sales Exemption Test 
FLSA Professional (Creative) Exemption Test 
FLSA Professional (Learned) Exemption Test 

Checklist: Employee vs. Independent Contractor 

Employee Position Codes, Classes, and Descriptions 

Employee Classifications with Benefits Summary