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Institutional Planning

1 - Institutional Research as a Service Provider

Provides services to a ranked set of decision makers, with the president, vice presidents, and mandatory external reporting function as the top “clients.” Barton Strategic Goals 1-5/HLC Criterion 5C, 5D

Provide stakeholders with as much access to interactive, unique subpopulations and robust data sets as can be arranged and automated.

Provide tools/data sets in various formats to encourage data inspection through many lenses, creating an array of varying conclusions derived from the same raw data.

As resources allow broaden the definition of “decision makers” supported by institutional research.

 2 – Student Success

Managing the data sets and output that support multiple student success initiatives.

Barton Strategic Goals 1/HLC Criterion 3B3, 3D5

Provide faculty training on teaching and learning strategies, including but not limited to: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, course design/quality course rubric and course binder project.

Provide resources and encourage opportunities for faculty collaboration.

 3 - Institution-Wide Institutional Effectiveness Strategy

Repositioning or reinforcing the role of Institutional Effectiveness leadership as an integral strategic partner of institutional leadership in achieving college goals. Barton Strategic Goals 5/HLC Criterion 5A3, 5B2, 5D2

Enable informed data decisions to occur routinely across the college with the speed and flexibility required to meet the transformations education is going through.

Using a hybrid approach in which institutional research works in conjunction with other departments to produce an organization-wide institutional research function.

 4 - Prioritize Student Success Strategies

Barton Core Priorities Drive Student Success, Cultivate Community Engagement; HLC Criterion 4.C

Place training opportunities as a high priority, both internal and external.

Looking to the future to prepare staff to adapt to new software and data models.

 5 - Manage Instructional Programs and Services

Barton Core Priorities Drive Student Success, Cultivate Community Engagement; HLC Criterion 3.A, 3.B

Provide access to analytical tools and reporting software to allow employees to be actively involved in turning data into decision-support information.

Provide data in a usable format that is focused on decision-making, is of high quality, and is not so highly aggregated or obfuscated by higher education jargon to fail to be useful.