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Learning and Instruction Committee (LICC)

The Learning, Instruction and Curriculum Committee (LICC) exists as a faculty driven committee to oversee the college curriculum. The committee meets monthly and addresses the following matters:

  • Review and approve all curriculum additions and/or changes.
  • Leads a focus toward student and institutional learning.
  • Ensures a quality and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Supports faculty professional development.
  • Guides decisions that represent all College locations, delivery methods and types of courses.

Criteria for Coming to LICC 
2023-2024 Monthly Meetings/Submission Due Dates 
2023-2024 LICC Team Members 

New Member Orientation

Course Resources

Course Submission Worksheet

General Education Outcomes

Outcomes & Competencies Matrix 

Faculty Qualifying Credentials

Course Submission Instructional Videos:

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Concourse Syllabus System

An Overview of Concourse

Concourse is an online syllabus system that provides a common organization of course information. Concourse provides institutions with a standard way to display course syllabus information, review syllabus progress, and archive syllabi. Concourse is integrated as a webpage to allow syllabi searches, and with Canvas for easy access, as well as being available through the Concourse website via the MyBartonPortal.

Some features of the system include:

  • Consistent Structure: It may look like a paper syllabus, but Concourse is an electronic repository. Breaking the syllabus down into its already standard categories makes reporting, reviewing, and searching possible.
  • Ability to Archive: Easy access to historical syllabi for importing course information to current syllabi.
  • Easy Updates: Making changes to your syllabus is as easy as editing in MS Word.
  • Ease of Access: Concourse allows access to course information for review and evaluation.
  • Editable Syllabus Items: With permissions, we can designate who has the ability to edit and view syllabi at a refined level. Instructors can modify their contact information, but aren't able to edit course descriptions or student learning outcomes.
  • Mobile Access: Formatted for the small screen, Concourse makes it easy to have all your course information at your fingertips, anytime, anyplace, and on any mobile device.
  • Account Integration: Faculty can access Concourse through Canvas and the MyBartonPortal.

Concourse Training Handout


Concourse Navigation & Editing

Importing Concourse Syllabi

Editing Syllabi In the Portal