Learning and Instruction Committee (LICC)

The Learning, Instruction and Curriculum Committee (LICC) exists as a faculty driven committee to oversee the college curriculum. The committee meets monthly and addresses the following matters:

  • Review and approve all curriculum additions and/or changes.
  • Leads a focus toward student and institutional learning.
  • Ensures a quality and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Supports faculty professional development.
  • Guides decisions that represent all College locations, delivery methods and types of courses.

Criteria for Coming to LICC 
2019-2020 Monthly Meetings/Submission Due Dates 
2019-2020 LICC Team Members 

New/Revised Course Resources

New Course Checklist 
Revised Course Checklist 

Syllabus Approval Resources

Steps for Processing Syllabi 
Syllabus Guiding Document
Outcomes & Competencies Matrix 
Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom 2011 
Bloom's Taxonomy: Teacher Planning Kit