Tech Support

Our Information Services Department staff places students at the center of the enterprise software systems.

Our Staff are always working hard to automate processes and integrate technology to better server students, staff and faculty.

Our Departments are constantly striving to make technology available at Barton to help stake holders:
Connect - Collaborate - Create

Mission Statement

The Mission of Information Services at Barton is to Continue a Tradition of Excellence by:

  • Pursuing the best use of computing infrastructure and servers, while thinking outside of the box for future technological advances;Contributing to student success by providing stable networking operations, reasonable security verses access ratio, and collaboration where possible;
  • Communicating technology uses, planning and enhancements through various teams and task forces; and by
  • Training and educating information services personnel to insure current and future reliability of computing/networking resources.

Vision Statement

In order to be the best Information Services Department of comparable sized Kansas Community Colleges, we are committed to the following Core Values:

  • We possess strong computer skills and are prepared to grow where needed
  • We believe cross-training and education are essential
  • Our interview process is lengthy to assure that all positions are a 100% fit
  • We value our people and their families
  • We are self-starters
  • We strive to be flexible, knowing that change is constant
  • Our egos are left at the door
  • We set challenging personal goals that are difficult to achieve
  • We practice respect, integrity, honesty, teamwork, and unflagging good humor

Meet the Information Services Team

Michelle Kaiser
Chief Information Officer
(620) 792-9232

Zac Bauman
Coordinator of Cloud and Data Center Services
(620) 792-9369

Ronnie Dean
Coordinator of Systems Integration
(620) 792-9246

Renee Demel
Director of Management Information Systems
(620) 786-1145

Pamela Henning
Coordinator of Enterprise Applications
(620) 792-9272

Orlando Hernandez
Coordinator of Infrastructure Services
(620) 792-9346

Ron Keil
Media Services Specialist
(620) 792-9250

Tanner Marston
Senior Systems Analyst and Technology Architect
(620) 786-7403

Amy Oelke
Director of Systems Integration and DBA
(620) 792-9323

Shelli Schmidt
Coordinator of Enterprise Applications
(620) 792-9383