Student walking on campus

Faculty Council

2023-2024 Faculty Council

Chair Kara Brauer 
Vice-Chair Lawrence Weber
Secretary TBD

Great Bend Representatives

Dr. Amanda Alliband (

Mark Bogner (
Kara Brauer (

Eric Foley (
Eric Smith (

Peter Solie (

Grandview Plaza Representatives

Jermaine King (

Troop School/OSHA Representative

Lawrence Weber (
Chris Vanderlinde (

Barton Online Representatives

Matt Connell (

Sheyene Foster Heller (

2023-2024 Goals and Projects

  • Communicate with the faculty we represent in a purposeful way on a regular basis
  • Review and assess proposed policies
  • Facilitate faculty understanding and participation in the Barton Strategic Plan
  • Re-evaluate the role of Faculty Council in Faculty Professional Development and the 3rd Wednesday Professional Development Series
  • Promote responsible academic freedom
  • Each Faculty Council member will participate in at least one college committee and/or college initiative