Faculty Council

2019-2020 Faculty Council

Chair Peter Solie (soliep@bartonccc.edu)
Vice ChairĀ Mike Cox (coxm@bartonccc.edu)

Great Bend Representatives

Amanda Alliband (allibanda@bartonccc.edu)

Mark Bogner (bognerm@bartonccc.edu)
Kara Brauer (brauerk@bartonccc.edu)
Kimberly Brennan (brennank@bartonccc.edu)
Peter SolieĀ (soliep@bartonccc.edu)

Fort Riley Representatives

Gerry Butler (butlerg@bartonccc.edu)
Gil Cloud (cloudg@bartonccc.edu)
Mike Cox (coxm@bartonccc.edu)
Mark Shipman (shipmanm@bartonccc.edu)

Troop School/OSHA Representative

Makenzie Coffey (coffeym@bartoncc.edu)

Fort Leavenworth Representatives

Jessica Fullen (fullenj@bartonccc.edu)

2019-2020 Goals and Projects

  • Represent the Faculty on instructional matters
  • Review, assess, and support the Administration on all proposed policies and changes
  • Facilitate faculty participation in the Barton Strategic Plan
  • Support Open Pathways Accreditation
  • Encourage participation in the Barton Teaching & Learning Institute
  • Promote Faculty Professional Development through the 3rd Wednesday Professional Development Series
  • Utilize and promote the Faculty Council Communication Course Shell
  • Promote responsible academic freedom
  • Promote student active learning
  • Participate in the following programs:
    • The Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiative
    • The Academic Integrity Initiative
    • The Barton Master Schedule Initiative
    • The Professional Development Initiative