Instructional Excellence Academy

The Center for Innovation and Excellence is offering a new Instructional Excellence Academy. The spring class is underway, but there is still time to apply for summer and fall.

  • The Academy will be five meetings over 16 weeks and allow volunteer or nominated instructors to learn, share and discuss pedagogical approaches for all methods of course delivery: face-to-face, online, hybrid, seminar, webinar, etc...
  • The Academy is presented in a "flipped" format over one semester. Speakers and presentations are recorded/zoomed and watched at your convenience. This requires less travel and allows an “interactive workshop & discussion” feel with only three required face-to-face meetings. Academy participants at a distance are allowed to zoom in.
  • The Academy is open to anyone who wants to become a better instructor, trainer, or leader (and has supervisor approval). Instructors, adjunct instructors, or any other employees may apply or be nominated by their supervisors.


Spring Proposed Dates: Jan 24 (Live), Feb TBD (Zoom), Mar 6 (Live), Apr TBD (Zoom), May 1 (Live)

Summer Proposed Dates: June 11 (Live), June 25 (Zoom), July 9 (Zoom), July 23 (Live)

Fall Proposed Dates: Aug 28 (Live), Sep TBD (Zoom), Oct 16 (Live), Nov TBD (Zoom), Dec 4 (Live)

*The application deadline is two weeks prior to the start of the upcoming session.