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As part of our H5P rollout, we are providing a series of recordings on multiple elements now available to enhance the content within your course shell.

  • Accordion - a visual organization element to display and arrange large amounts of content.
  • Chart - a visual organization element to display and arrange data in one of two ways.
  • Collage - a visual organization element to display multiple images on a course page or within an activity.
  • Columns - a visual element to display multiple images, text, questions, and more, on a course page or within an activity
  • Drag the Words - a question type allows creatives to create text-based challenges where users are to drag words into blanks in sentences.
  • Fill In The Blanks - A question type allowing creatives to create fill-in-the-blanks, also known as cloze tests. 
  • Find the Hotspots - This content type allows end-users to press somewhere on an image and get feedback on whether that was correct or incorrect according to the task description. Also, multiple hotspots can be used for questions where the end-users for instance are to find all the hotspots in an image. The end-users are provided with relevant feedback based on where they click.
  • Image Choice - Students may select on pictures based on a grouping you provide.
  • Image Hotspots - Hotspots may reveal texts, images and videos when clicked.
  • Mark the Words - Students may select on a word or words based on a prompt you provide.
Open Educational Resources (OER)
Open Educational Resources (OER)
Turnitin Feedback Studio
Turnitin Feedback Studio

Maximize the impact of Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS) by empowering students with formative learning opportunities to drive learning and improve outcomes.